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Learning & Personal Development

DW Designs Leadership was founded by David K. Washington and LaShanda Millner-Murphy in 2008. Over the last few years we've expanded our mission from solely mentoring and teaching practical and comprehensive understanding of business issues to developing workshops, seminars and interactive programs pertaining to perspectives one needs to open the doors, zipping the layers of "dressing for success" internally and externally.

Our Mission

• Assist in developing successful habits that will bring out "the best" in you
• Assist in developing clarity and focus of life goals
• Assist in discovering the "inner" self which aids in the process of dressing the "outer" you
• Clarify that attitude and clothing completes the "dress for success" process


DW Designs Leadership will mentor, teach and acknowledge topics though interactive presentations, one- on-one and/or group discussions. Activities will include effective games and group participation, building teamwork and effective relationships.


Empowerment Workshop Topics


MORALS- Emphasizing the beliefs that are essential in the communal understanding by giving examples and setting the tone of various environments

SELF IMAGE- Harnessing the power of thoughts and beliefs to change feelings about self

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT- Improving self-knowledge while recognizing ones’ full potential in various settings

DW Designs is proud to be partnered and provide empowerment to Charlotte Communities in Schools, Dream Builders Communications, Davidson Community College (Get Real), Johnson C. Smith University, UNC-Charlotte (Student Ambassadors), Boys Club (Spartanburg, SC), Union Baptist Church Pastoral Association and Drive for Success(Michelle Horton).

If your organization is interested in partnering with DW Designs:

Contact us to schedule an appointment!

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